Batch Still for Brandy, Schnapps and Grappa

10 Harborne Street
Macleod, VIC 3085
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Discontinuous distillation plant for production of high quality distillates with a minimum of impurities.

Manufactured by Cadalpe and characterized by original solutions, the C27 Batch Still allows the operator the process in a manual or automatic way. It's design optimizes the temperatures, the exhaustion degree and the separation of the head and tail fractions.

The equipment is built with sophisticated manufacturing techniques and is designed for use in small to medium-sized distilleries where drinks of especially high quality are produced (schnapps made from grapes or other fermented fruit - brandy - “grappa”).

Production Capacity of 1,000lts (10Hl)


The C27 Still is manufactured in a mix of stainless steel and copper complete with alembic with a capacity of 10Hl with slow mixing tank, sight glasses and insulated & coated interspace for heating.

Included is a container for inert matter loading, an enrichment column having 8 plates with sight glasses and reflux condenser; column containing coil condenser; refrigerating coil and container for heads and tails.

Also featured automatic system for regulation and control of the main process phases including the interventions for cutting of heads and tails and control board with digital thermoregulators for visualisation, regulation and control of the process temperatures.

10 Harborne Street
Macleod VIC 3085
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