Cadalpe Mini Brewery Systems: 300-500Lt

10 Harborne Street
Macleod, VIC 3085
1300 768 976 (Main Phone)
0425 774 988 (Mobile Phone)
The Mini-Brewery monobloc for the production of craft beer has been designed by Cadalpe with the assistance of a consultant experienced Brewmaster.

With the use of certified materials of first quality and easy to use, the Cadalpe Mini Brewery is the ideal product for those who are about to enter into commercial brewing with tight budgets.

The system offers considerable advantages:

• drastically reduces the investment costs, energy costs and work
• is easy to use because it is completely manageable by hand and designed for intuitive use by customers
• chance to do the double boil in one day crush
• comact foot print/dimensions
• Easy installation
• the shiny surfaces of all tanks, including water storage, all the pipes, welds smoothed and polished so that they are reduced consumption of detergents / sanitizing resulting in considerable respect for the environment

Model (Capacity): CS8M-3 (300Lt) & CS8M-5 (500Lt)

The system consists of:

- Hot Water Storage Tank, insulated, equipped with pocket heating with temperature control through automation of the passage of vapor. It contains the amount of water needed to make the double cook and sanitize the system

- Vat for Mixing / Filtration, insulated and equipped with mechanical variator for mixing and automated unloading of grains, grids completely removed for a thorough cleaning, heating on the outer pocket with manual adjustment of the passage of steam and temperature display on main electrical panel .

- Vat 'Grant' Open with flow control via valves and level sensors for proper filtration of the must

- Whirlpool insulated and equipped with pipes for the product recirculation, pockets of heating on the plating and on the bottom in which the passage of steam is adjusted manually, independent of each other for a personalized management of the process; visualization of the temperature of main electrical panel

- Transfer Pump unique product for both vats of the brewhouse, in both manual and automatic management according to the operations that it needs to run and provided with controls on switchboard general for adjusting the speed of transfer of the product

- Plate Heat Exchanger stage for cooling the wort clarified through adjustable flow in countercurrent water network and retrieving the same (heated after the heat exchange) in the hot water storage tank in order to reduce energy costs and raw materials (fuel and water)

- Steam Generator which serves for the preparation of the water used for both cooked and sanitizing, heating the vats of the brewhouse and to boil the wort

- Transfer Piping water and product completely polished internally and equipped with butterfly valves with removable clamp joints for maximum care and hygiene

- Electrical Control Panel management and IP55 with simple, intuitive controls and buttons stop moving organs according to law

- Safety Devices required by law to protect from the perspective of anti-accident the operator from his first approach to the system.

- Stainess Steel Frame with adjustable feet to fit the slope of the floor

10 Harborne Street
Macleod VIC 3085
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