Cadalpe Pad Filter

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Cadalpe Pad Filter for Beer and Cider

New version of C14 fiters can now withstand pressures up to 5 bar, so it is pre-determined to filter carbonated beverages.

40cmsq ‘Noryl’ thermoplastic plates (that can withstand steam sterilisation)

S/Steel Frame

Strictly sanitary finishing of the S/Steel valves and piping.

S/Steel Butterfly Valves

Pressure Gauges


Sample Taps.


Double filtration system (same product through 2 different types of pads)

Two Products filtration system (another entry point to have 2 different products filtering at the same time)

Hydraulic Closing system

Accessories for Steam Sterilisation

Blind/Reversal Plate

Compensation piece for 20 plates

Double way at outlet

Models, Plate numbers, Flow Rate:

C14-02 with 20 plates and flows up to 2,000Lts/Hr

C14-04 with 40 plates and flows up to 4,000Lts/Hr

C14-06 with 60 plates and flows up to 6,000Lts/Hr

C14-08 with 80 plates and flows up to 8,000Lts/Hr

C14-10 with 100 plates and flows up to 10,000Lts/Hr

C14-12 with 120 plates and flows up to 12,000Lts/Hr


10 Harborne Street
Macleod VIC 3085
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