Cider processing equipment from Niko

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Niko are a quality European manufacturer of processing equipment for pome fruit (which encompasses apples, pears, quince and kiwi fruit) and stone fruit. From this equipment can be achieved fresh juices that can be packaged as a final product or be used to produce cider, fruit wines or a concentrate. For a winery this can be a way to diversify your product range while using some of your existing infrastructure. Niko equipment has been sold through out the Europe union and recently into New Zealand (see below video).

A typical Niko processing line or apples comprises:

Bin Tipper to unload the fruit from 500kg bins
Apple Washer
Sorting Conveyor to transport the fruit from the washer into the mill
Mill to slice/crush the fruit into a mash
Pump to transport the mash into the belt or pneumatic press
Belt or Pneumatic Press
Filter to remove solids from the pressed juice
Bottle Filler

If a final juice product is all that is required then a pasteuriser and bag-in-the-box filler may also be required.

If you would like more details and pricing please do not hesitate to contact ABEVE on 1300 768 976.

10 Harborne Street
Macleod VIC 3085
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