Della Toffola Ceramic Crossflow Filter

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Della Toffola CFKN 30 ceramic membrane crossflow filter, like new.

For Beer, Wine or Cider.

• Fully programmable; set volume etc and walk away, can leave running overnight, over weekend, etc.
• Fully automatic: filtration, discharge and washing. Set and forget.
• Can filter high turbidity; greater than 1,000 NTU to bottle-ready clarity.
• This Della Toffola crossflow is fitted with 0.8 micron ceramic membranes. This means it clarifies without excessive stripping.
However, if required, the 0.8 micron ceramic membranes can be replaced with other (e.g. 0.4 or 0.2 micron) membranes to suit your requirement.
• The ceramic membrane makes this one of the most versatile filters in the market.
• Membranes are guaranteed for ten years from first operation.

This unit is only 3 years old. Selling as surplus to requirements.
Remaining 7 year warranty on membranes.
Filter is easily and automatically cleaned with caustic and citric, nothing special required.
It is automated with full PLC control, with colour operator touch screen.
Extremely simple to use - just program volume to filter and wine clarity.
Easy to read display with full on screen monitoring.
If required, excellent and professional service required by qualified Della Toffola technicians anywhere in Australia.

This unit is like brand new and in excellent working order.

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