Vogelsang Lobe Pumps

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This is the one pump every brewery should have in their cellar.

There is minimal shear so it is also perfect for transfers of beer or other liquids.

The Vogelsang Pump is self-priming and can run dry which means it is the best type of pump to transfer high solids products such as mash.


- Convoluted design of the HiFlo Lobes provide a large cavity to pass solids, bigger models can transfer up to 61mm solids without damage
- S/Steel Housing
- Rubber coated lobes are more tolerant to staples
- Minimal Shear and Pulsation Free
- Can discharge up to 15 bar
- Forward / Reverse Flow & Can Run Dry
- Housing Segments can be adjusted to maintain performance
- Self priming up to 8 metres allows use of non motorised auger hoppers
- Quick and easy access to internal parts with wet end rebuilds in line

- S/Steel Trolley
- Variable Speed Drive
- Product Injection System for transferring of iquds with large particle sizes (see below video)
- S/Steel Chute (auger free) for use under a destemmer
- Pump Head mounted at 90 for direct feed
- Motorised Auger Fed Hopper

Series - Models:

100 series - models: 45, 64, 90 & 128 of pumps will allow solids undamaged up to 20mm and they have a nominated speed of 200 - 800rpm. These models can transfer between 3,000lts to 38,000lts per Hour.

136 series - models: 70, 105, 140, 210, 280 & 420 of pumps will allow undamaged solids up to 40mm and they have nominated speed of 150 - 650rpm. These models can transfer between 10,000lts to 280,000lts per Hour.

186 series - models: 92, 130, 184, 260, 368, 390, 520 & 736 of pumps will allow solids undamaged up to 61mm and they have a nominated speed of 100 - 500rpm. These models can transfer between 20,000lts to 800,000lts per Hour.

The following is a video of a Voglesang double pumping head or 'Marathon' version when transfers with high head pressures are required. The pumping action within the housing is the same as for the standard Vogelsang pumps.


10 Harborne Street
Macleod VIC 3085
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