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100 Litre Nano Brewery - EX DEMO UNIT
The Nano Brewery is designed to operate in house for sizable bars/café/restaurants that want to produce their own house beer and for pilot brewery/Nano projects ,

1: Needs to have usable features included to ensure that the brewer or operator can be operated in a bar/café/restaurant, factory or garage in a contained environment.

2: Needs to have minimal impact on operations of bar/café/restaurant and easy to use for a staff member to use in the bar/café/restaurant or brewer - So that 100L production could be done in a day or two days for bottling or kegging operations

3: Needs to be functional and have some presence if using this unit as production and show piece.

The Nano Brewery is made up for the following:


• Electric grain mill
• Hot liquor tank with burner
• Kettle with burner and gantry
• Pump and heat exchanger
• Mash agitator with variable speed
• Timer and temperature probe
• Recirculation pipe
Brewery Safety floor
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4/158 Wellington Road
Clayton VIC 3168
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