Distillation - Resources, Stills and Guidance

The Beverage Food Group
96 Chifley Drive
Preston, VIC 3072
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At Australian and New Zealand Winemakers we are uniquely able to offer a full service for the purchase of a still. We can help with council planning, ATO licence, industrial design of layout, education, R & D, Brand incubation, support on site, installation and contract distillation with our in house master distiller.
We also have a fully operational distillery where you can experiment before turning the switches on your own still.
The skill and workmanship of the still we supply is based around vapour control and reflux, two methods of control for quality product.
The Beverage Food Group

96 Chifley Drive
Preston VIC 3072
The Beverage Food Group Lisa Baggio
Offering a wide range of wholesale products to the commercial food and beverage industries, we endeavour to source the most innovative and sought-after equipment and products from across the globe. Whether it be for cafés, restaurants, hotels, retail, caterers or events, our wealth of experience within the food and beverage industries has enabled us to successfully operate the full spectrum of services needed to grow markets within Australia.

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